Team Performance

Build and lead outperforming teams with Valence

Valence’s digital coach helps teams develop leadership mindsets to continuously learn, adapt and improve together.

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of managers want more management training


of organizations experience leadership gaps


of executives believe teams are a priority

High performing teams are made, not born

Valence helps leaders improve at 'teaming' - understanding one another, aligning on goals and holding each other accountable.

Build trust and understanding

Build trust and compassion through understanding. After a short diagnostic, we map your team’s personality profile and guide you to make your unique cognitive diversity a strength.

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Valence Align Tool

Find common ground

With our patented diagnostic, surface the cracks in your team foundations. We’ll help you guide a discussion to find common ground and commit to the path forward.

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Valence Align Scatterplot

Stick to shared commitments

Adopting new habits is hard, but easier as a team. Commit and track shared commitments, hold one another accountable and provide feedback to help you all stick to your goals.

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Valence Habit Tool

What people say

Shift helped our managers unleash their teams

"We are excited to get the tools into the hands of our managers and experience how they unleash the power of their own teams."

Sue McGrath
VP Human Resources
Shift gives the confidence to leaders to lead

"We're trying to get leaders to lead. Valence gives them the confidence to have critical conversations with their teams. We've now had over half of our 3000+ company use Valence to do just that."

Rachel Moore
EVP Corporate Affairs
Shift helped uncover team dynamic issues I didn't know existed

"More than anything I like what it has enabled me and my team to do. It worked as a great tool to help me get insight into where the team is at, and to use it as a conversation starter point for all kinds of team dynamic and cultural components."

Shannon DeJong
Coach & CEO
House of Who
Helps identify what is important

"I think it's a great tool that helps the team not only to identify what we do well and not well - but what's important. That's what has been missing in a lot of the conversations around engagement and a strong team for me."

Daniel Uba