This research report, in partnership with Charter, explores how
AI enhances cognitive apprenticeship, ensuring continuous growth and development.

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Can AI Revive Apprenticeship Learning for Managers?

At Valence, we believe that AI Coaching will not only democratize personalized learning at scale, but also enable a new - or actually ancient - approach to take root. An AI coach will be more than just a version of a human executive coach — we think it enables a transformative form of learning that brings us back to the highly effective, time-honored tradition of apprenticeship.

With AI, we can scale the benefits of one-on-one mentorship and hands-on learning to every manager. Cognitive apprenticeship is a learning model that combines the traditional apprenticeship approach with cognitive and metacognitive skills. AI is uniquely positioned to enhance this model, providing managers with the guidance and practice they need to learn.

It’s why we partnered with Charter to deepen the thinking behind this approach.

In a cognitive apprenticeship, learning is broken down into stages: modeling, coaching, scaffolding, articulation, reflection, and exploration. AI can support each of these stages effectively.
For instance, AI can model best practices by demonstrating how to handle specific managerial tasks, then coach managers through their attempts, providing real-time feedback and suggestions.

AI tools can also scaffold learning by gradually increasing the complexity of tasks as managers become more proficient. This approach ensures that managers build confidence and competence over time, ultimately achieving mastery.

AI can prompt managers to articulate their thought processes and reflect on their performance, encouraging deeper learning. Additionally, AI can suggest new challenges and opportunities for managers to apply their skills in different contexts, fostering continuous growth.

In this report, co-produced by Charter and Valence, we explore the idea of how manager training can be reimagined using AI to support apprentice-like learning, and help your managers transition quickly develop expertise.

Now with generative AI, you don't have to do that on a small scale. 
The models can perform some of that coaching towards mastery because they have so much access to so much knowledge, because you can prompt them in real time to take on different roles

- Helen Edwards, AI RESEARCHER

Themes from the report

Enhanced Feedback Mechanisms: Unlocking Immediate, actionable feedback

Accessible Mentorship: How AI provides high-quality coaching for all

Increasing Learning Agility: How to quickly adapt to change

Efficient Development: AI enables continuous skill enhancement

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Valence's AI Coach revives the apprenticeship model for managers, offering scalable, personalized mentorship and hands-on learning.