Our Vision

Personal, Meet Scale

For generations, the personalized, high-touch model of executive coaching and support was reserved for the lucky few, often at the end of their careers.

Study after study have shown that that’s the only way people learn the complex task of leadership - but most leaders or managers had to make do with a couple of days of classroom training, or a suggested set of “learning videos”.

Over the past year, in closed beta with some of our largest customers, our team of product visionaries and technologists have leveraged the power of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to craft an integrated coaching platform.

Today, we're thrilled to unveil Nadia - an AI powered coach that we think is the start of a new era. Imagine having a mentor as wise as Yoda, always within reach—your very own digital ally. Nadia is designed to be your confidential sounding board, guiding you through the complexities of leadership and interpersonal dynamics, all without fear of judgment.



We focus on teams, believing that they are how work is done in the future.



We believe change is unlocked when people have better conversations.



Learning & growth is a journey, and our tools accompany every step.

Great teams are more than the sum of their parts.

We’ve been in this space since 2018, building out a suite of digital team tools that tens of thousands of leaders — at many of the world’s largest companies — used to understand their teams, their team members, and to get guidance and help to be a better leader.

We’re leveraging that data, those insights, and those relationships to jump into the lead in the race to build a truly personal, truly scalable, truly revolutionary AI Leadership Coach.

And if we can achieve that holy grail — Personalized guidance and support, at scale — we’ll have a profound impact on people and workplaces around the world.

Whether you're a potential customer, a potential Valencer, or a manager looking for help, we want to hear from you.

The chance to be at the forefront of this wave of change, to co-create the solutions that will reach millions, and to be part of the movement to build better workplaces — it’s literally a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.

Our Team

Our leadership team have worked with and advised some of the world's largest companies through transformations, and have built companies from the ground-up. Perhaps more importantly, they have seen the impact of pairing science-backed data with the best practices of expert coaches, and they're excited to support you and your teams