Our mission

Help the world work better, together.

Our mission is to help the world work better, together. 

We believe that how people interact at work — in their teams, in their relationships — is the secret sauce for better work, happier employees and faster growth — of people and of companies.

That’s why we founded Valence. It’s a word that might conjure up memories of high school chemistry, but the actual definition is the "combining power of elements to form more complex compounds".

This is what we at Valence want to do - to help people, anywhere, learn how to build stronger bonds with a wider range of colleagues, such that the teams that they are part of are more than the sum of the parts.



We focus on teams, believing that they are how work is done in the future.



We believe change is unlocked when people have better conversations.



Learning & growth is a journey, and our tools accompany every step.

Great teams are more than the sum of their parts.

We’re living in a world where the only constant is change. 

Many of the world’s companies are trying to navigate a new way of working, and to support their diverse, global workforces to build new modes of collaboration.

They are looking for tools that scale their team leadership practices fast enough to keep up with the pace of change, while giving them data to understand and support their workforces.

So at Valence, we are building the only team-first set of tools the help any leader deepen trust, understanding and unlock team performance.

Our digital tools are designed to make the best practices of the world’s top coaches and leaders available to everyone, at any scale.

And we're lucky to be working with leading global companies to help them build the teams and workforces of the future.

Through this, we will help build inclusive, productive workplaces where anyone can learn, contribute, and grow.

Our Team

Our leadership team have worked with and advised some of the world's largest companies through transformations, and have built companies from the ground-up. Perhaps more importantly, they have seen the impact of pairing science-backed data with the best practices of expert coaches, and they're excited to support you and your teams