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We are hiring this year for roles in all areas - Product, Engineering, Client Solutions, Sales and Operations - so apply now to an open position or join our talent community to hear about upcoming roles relevant to your expertise.

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We’re unapologetically values driven

Our values capture a team that wants to work on ambitious missions, push themselves to learn, grow and contribute more than they ever thought possible. Startups are universally challenging; our values explicitly call out these challenges and highlight how we build our team as a result.

Valence Team Platform Value: Teamwork is our foundation
Teamwork is our
Valence Team Platform Value: Own it
Own it
Valence Team Platform Value: Debate to great
Debate to great
Valence Team Platform Value: Push our potential
Push our potential
Valence Team Platform Value: Ship fast, learn fast
Ship fast, learn fast
Valence Team Platform Value: Smart shortcuts
Smart shortcuts
Valence Team Platform Value: Connect the dots
Connect the dots

Life at Valence

We love the tools we’re building to help teams work better together. To do this, we move with urgency, have challenging discussions and face ambiguous problems head on. In doing so we show genuine care for our colleagues. Learn more about what you'll get from life at Valence below.

Experience rapid learning & growth

We hire curious folks who have a clear growth-mindset. In service of this we empower our managers to focus on development coaching and on-the-job learning opportunities to help our team become high performing professionals.

Gif of Valence Team
Valence's CEO, Parker Mitchell

Own and solve important problems

We have no ego about where good ideas come from - we count on all Valencers to identify problems, solutions and then see them through. We are collectively owning pieces of Valence each day, moving the business forward toward our next big goal.

Share what
makes you, you

Valencers can bring their authentic selves to work now more than ever. In creating an inclusive, supportive and safe space, we truly work hard and have fun along the way.

Valence Team Building
Full Valence Team

Be holistically supported

We expect a lot from Valencers but in return we pay fair, support mental and physical health, provide the right tech set up, offer flexibility in work hours and much more. We want to make sure that even though what we’re doing is challenging, we support your journey with intention and care.

From our Team

At Valence, we bring together professionals from a diversity of backgrounds with a growth mindset and passion for hard work in service of helping build stronger teams at some of the world’s leading companies. Learn more about their experiences now.

From our CEO

Apply now to an open position or join our talent community to hear about upcoming roles relevant to your expertise. We’re hiring this year in all our functions, from Product, Engineering, CS and Sales to Operations and Coaching

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment at Valence. To do this, we are building a team that seeks team members from any race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, citizenship, disability, and national origin. We want everyone to have an equitable chance to work with us, and when they do, to have exceptional employee experiences. We unequivocally believe that diversity of thought, background and skills are critical to Valence’s future.