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Customer reaction to Nadia has been extraordinary

Case Studies

“My single biggest frustration as a leader at Vanguard, on the talent front, was that we invested an inordinate amount of time and money in training new leaders, and then, unless you're putting them back in the classroom on a weekly basis, they're going to lose a lot of it. But now, you have the ability to potentially give them an AI coach that can answer some of those specific questions to make them a better professional. Wow, I’m almost giddy about the potential.


Sample results from one of our many recent pilots speak for themselves

How many
39 Managers/Leaders
Retail + Talent Leaders
18th March - 12th April

“I was worried that AI was going to take over the world but I love Nadia! She’s like an assistant. It was a really great experience. I implemented what she said and it was so well received with the person I used it with. I really hope that we get to keep using her!”

Laura Mahoney

Global Director, USA

“I’m using Nadia extremely actively these days. When I’ve a new idea, I jump to Nadia, and I revisit its content regularly to reflect on our discussions. I literally, don’t want to lose access to it. Nadia is doing great job with helping me as a Leader.”

Sayed Nasr

EEC Technical 
Project Manager

What did participants think about their AI Coach?

“There were several moments which wowed me. The language was remarkable.”

“The responses are intelligent, customized and reliable.”

“Very impressive and gives tangible, actionable advice”

“The software was able to get to the bottom of the challenge quickly and offer tangible advise.”

“It is always nice to get an unbiased, outsider's perspective if you will and I think this tool can help especially since it is something that is on demand”

“I find the Valence AI coach a very useful tool and an additional resource that can be beneficial for all managers”

“It was nice to talk it out with her without feeling pressured to be political/corporate about it.”

What was your biggest “wow” moment when working with the AI Coach?

Support from a (fellow) Coach

“I have been through and ICF coaching program, and I was very impressed with the questions the AI coach was able to ask. They would have been similar questions I would have asked as a human coach to a client. I also appreciated AI coach's ability to take my feedback and pivot on what I wanted from it.”


“How quickly and structured the feedback was. It was genuinely better than speaking with a person due to the speed and how open you could be.”

Creating New Paths Forward

“After asking multiple probing questions and receiving feedback on some initial advice I gave, Nadia gave some terrific possible ways forward, that I wouldn't have thought about on my own.”


“Moments of self-reflection made me realize that I was already doing some of the things that Nadia suggested which helped me gain confidence in myself when handling certain situations.”

Accommodating Working Styles

“I was able to sort of ramble, think through my thoughts (my style of exploring ideas outloud) and Nadia was able to comb through my musings, summarize the themes, and guide her responses in a meaningful way -- impressive!”


“Her understanding of natural language is great. I didn't type and this helps to explain a situation. There was hardly a question about something that I was saying. Things seem to be understood despite the non-written sentence structure.”

Leaders in On’s AI Coach pilot found the experience valuable, sharable, and worth returning back to

Would users continue to use the Valence Coach?


would repeat their AI Coach experience

Yes - users would continue using the AI Coach

Was the Valence Coach a valuable resource?


total satisfaction

Yes - users found the experience satisfying.

Would a Valence Coach offering grow organically?


Excellent NPS score

Yes - the vast majority of users would recommend the AI Coach to peers

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