Create a culture of feedback

Normalize frequent, relevant, actionable and timely feedback with Reflect360

Step 1

Invite feedback

Invite colleagues, managers, reports and stakeholders (anyone in your company!) to give feedback on current work and interactions

Step 2


You and your team complete a 16 question assessment in just minutes, adding additional details in open fields to expand on key areas of feedback

Step 3

Receive feedback

Your report shows how your self-assessment compares to your team’s anonymous assessment, helping you uncover blind spots and identify areas you want to improve

Step 4


Reflect360 is designed for frequent, contextually relevant feedback. We recommend you invite your team’s feedback at least quarterly (though ideally more often) to accelerate learning

Step 2

Lead the conversation

In just minutes, your team will complete an intuitive diagnostic that surfaces how they feel and what’s most pressing

Step 3

Align on the path forward

Access custom recommendations for what your team should focus on and set a shared plan to move forward together

Step 4

Track progress

Revisit Align every 2-3 months to monitor how you’re progressing and identify new issues as they emerge

What people say

Data driven way to diagnose team issues and find solutions

"We need our teams and leaders to have accessible ways to improve how well they perform together. Align creates a data driven and well structured way for teams to diagnose their issues, and come up with solutions"

Mike Hill
Director of Integrated Talent Management,
Applied Materials
Uncovered eye-opening insights

"Valence's Align exercise was a great tool to open up team discussion, the insights my team uncovered were truly eye-opening!"

Emma Tops
HR Advisor,
Helps identify what is important

"I think it's a great tool that helps the team not only to identify what we do well and not well - but what's important. That's what has been missing in a lot of the conversations around engagement and a strong team for me." 

Daniel Uba
Easy to set up and world-class coaching

"At first I was nervous but it was actually really easy to set up for the team, and then having access to world-class coaching was extremely helpful for having the conversation"

Sophia Hahn
HR Business Partner
Applied Materials

Like all of Valence’s digital tools,
Reflect360 is:

Real-time and actionable

Reflect360 combines a fresh diagnostic with AI-powered coaching to help you lead your team better.


Insights and custom guidance are backed by leading research and behavioral models.


Unlike prohibitively expensive traditional coaches, Valence makes team effectiveness accessible for your entire organization.


Reflect360 is deceptively quick, intuitive and contextually relevant.


Customize to reflect your unique organizational priorities and values.

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