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You can’t reach everyone, so build a culture that does, with Angela Ruggiero

Angela discusses how her experiences at Bridgewater were shaped by her Team USA hockey experience.

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Angela emphasized the importance of mindset, culture and team in driving success, be it on the ice or in the office.

Create safe spaces.

Being a leader means creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. In sports, this culture is defined in the locker room. Angela challenges us to consider what could be the corporate equivalent of the ‘locker room’—the place where teams forge bonds and build trust.

Make it about the end goal. 

Having a clear goal isn’t just helpful to move a team forward; it creates space to challenge one another in pursuit of that goal, push individual egos aside, and drive with determined focus for the sake of collective performance.

You’re always training. 

Few compete in the Olympics, but working toward long-term goals is something we can all understand. This requires the training mentality of an athlete, with prioritized day-to-day objectives, focused preparation and developed habits that  together contribute to the success of ourselves and our teams. 

Define your future. 

Ask yourself what you want and focus on what you can control. In Angela’s own words, “if you can define the goal and be wholeheartedly behind it, then everything else is just an obstacle to overcome.”