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Visible data will be tomorrow’s competitive advantage, with Ram Charan

Ram shares insights he’s gleaned from his 35+ year career as an advisor to top companies, CEOs and boards.

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Ram shared thought provoking ideas about leadership, shifting organizational structures, the power of data in talent, and why every organization needs their own “leadership crucibles.”

Learning never stops. 

The most effective leaders are committed to developing critical skills like listening and feedback. Applying the rigorous talent development approach of a sports coach, combined with the opportunity to use data and algorithms to assess performance, allows organizations to establish “leadership crucibles” across all levels of the business to intentionally guide experiential learning.

Organizational synchronicity matters.

Improved coordination between business functions facilitates shared goals. HR leadership benefits enormously when every department is engaged in finding the right people, and improving culture organization-wide.

Leaders need to be fluid. 

It is increasingly common for leaders to occupy cross-functional roles. Knowing how to listen, apply data and feedback, and integrate information from multiple business functions are critical to leadership development, particularly among the most senior leaders.

Culture serves the business.

Culture transformation is important, but if your business model can’t compete in the digital age, then the business needs to transform as well. As business focus shifts and evolves, culture must shift concurrently. The transformation’s success depends on tight alignment of culture and management processes with the strategic change initiative.