We are Enterprise Ready

We’re experienced and ready to work through your company’s robust procurement, information security, and risk management processes efficiently.

Earning your trust is our top priority.

Valence is deployed and managed with ease

  • Rapid deployment. Set-up and registration are completed in minutes - no downloads required.
  • Real-time results. Embedded dashboards update in real time so you can monitor both ongoing usage and outcomes. We will work with you to customize your analytics to make sure the insights you're getting answer your most burning questions.
  • Integrated into your systems. We support SSO/SAML/MFA integration to enable secure and easy management of your user base.
  • Deployed your way. We effectively balance security concerns and application overhead with a variety of deployment options, including both multi-tenant, cloud-based versions of our application and private instances.
  • Enterprise-level service. We offer standard Service Level Agreements for all of our enterprise customers, including guaranteed uptimes, response rates, and personalized support.

Valence scales quickly & is customized for you

  • Scaled with ease. We can go from a pilot with just a few teams, to an enterprise-wide deployment in a matter of days. It’s as simple as sending our on-boarding guide and customized registration link to your broader team.
  • Resources at your fingertips. We empower your team, coach on best practices, and provide the resources you need to effectively engage your workforce.
  • Reliable support. Our customer support is exceptional. Your dedicated Client Solutions Lead will provide ongoing support, have regular check-ins, and work with you to get the most from Valence’s tools and resources. Our email and live chat support is available during business hours, and technical issues are rapidly escalated as required.
  • Customized for your needs. We are not your average SaaS company with generic content. Our culture and team experts customize our tools to your organization’s context, integrating your leadership frameworks and other internal content.

We take security seriously

  • Industry best practices. At Valence, we are committed to our customers’ data privacy and information security. We apply enterprise-grade best practice to protect our customers.
  • Running on AWS. Our application runs on AWS, allowing us to offer the highest level of network security, configuration management, access control and data encryption to our customers.
  • Dedicated to risk management. Our IT security and data privacy policy (available upon request) is consistently reassessed and updated to the latest regulatory standards, and we have dedicated staff responsible for risk management.
  • GDPR compliant. We are dedicated to partnering with our customers to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We maintain Privacy Shield Certifications and ensure we can support data subject requests related to the increased rights of EU members (i.e. Right to Access, Right to be Forgotten).

Questions about our security? Contact our security team at privacy@valence.co