Valence AI Bill of Rights

Valence builds enterprise-grade security and responsible AI applications trusted by some of the world's most secure companies. We are committed to treating all user data with the highest level of care. Our approach is guided by the principle that workplace technologies must be safe, trustworthy, and reliable. We prioritize the security and privacy of our customers and users, ensuring that your information remains confidential and safe while delivering exceptional experiences with our tools.

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Your data will never be used for training

At Valence, your private data remains private. It is not used to train language models. We have chosen not to train our own models, partially out of respect for our users’ data. Additionally,  our LLM partners do not train their models on your data.

We only use partners, including LLM providers, who are SOCII compliant and enterprise grade

We send data through encrypted, secure endpoints to LLM APIs which are housed in secure, SOCII environments. They process our request, return their answer, and do not retain any data. All data is stored within our secure environment, not with any LLM partners. 

Personal data is never shared within an organization. 

Like in real life, all interactions with a Valence tool or conversational interface are private and confidential. The details of those interactions will never be shared with other members of a users organization, including administrators, without the users explicit and active consent. 

Organizational and personal data will never be shared with other customers

We guarantee that your personal data and conversations remain safely within the confines of your account, never to be shared with other customers' data. Our AI applications operate under rigorous privacy standards and protect your private data through advanced security measures and best practices. Valence's infrastructure is fortified with stringent security protocols, acting as a solid shield against potential breaches or unauthorized access.

You have control over data deletion

Valence enables you to govern your private data's deletion. If you desire your private data to be deleted at any point, we respect that decision and follow strict procedures to ensure its permanent removal.

Valence's commitment to a secure and trustworthy environment

Valence's primary objective is to provide a secure, trustworthy environment for professional and leadership development. Your trust is our priority, and we continuously strive to uphold it through transparency, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your rights.

Quality control

Valence is building a system with multiple LLMs operating on user conversations to ensure the quality of the conversations, and prevent any hallucinations that present factually wrong or misleading information.