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Why we're changing our name to Valence

Parker Mitchell

August 25, 2021

Valence: va·lence /ˈvāləns/ Definition: The combining power of elements to form more complex compounds.

Why we're changing our name to Valence

We couldn't be more excited to share with you some important changes — A new mission, name and identity for Shift.

We were founded to help teams navigate the ever-changing world of work, and started by building the world's first team-oriented tools. Along the way, we were brought into large companies seeking to transform how they work (hence "Shift" — helping them navigate these crucial shifts).

But over the past year, our product offering expanded to include support for managers to learn and grow, to improve 1:1s and to help colleagues understand each other and collaborate better. And the customers we talk to are urgently seeking these sorts of digital tools.

Welcome to Valence.

We are extremely proud to welcome you to Valence.

If you're like me, Valence might simply conjure up faint memories of high school chemistry. The actual definition is the "combining power of elements to form more complex compounds".

This is what we at Valence want to do - to help people, anywhere, learn how to build stronger bonds with a wider range of colleagues, such that the teams that they are part of are more than the sum of the parts. And ultimately, we want to help build inclusive, productive workplaces where anyone can learn, contribute and grow.

Our Mission - To Help the World Work Better, Together.

Our new brand reflects this concept perfectly. When our brand consultant, Iancu, showed us his flocks of starlings, we immediately knew that this was the right note. A starling Murmuration is tens of thousands of birds coming together to form mesmerizing shapes that are infinitely more than the sum of their parts.

So welcome to Valence. We hope it will become a home for leaders looking to build amazing teams in the new world of work.