2022 Report

An AI-Driven Leadership Coach for Everyone

With increasing demands and pressure, today’s employees need more support than ever. However, current offerings are too general, analog, and unavailable at the moments that matter.

Valence is excited to debut a personalized, always-on, and truly scalable support system for every employee based on the transformative potential of Generative AI.

We are accepting Beta users and Design Partner companies to be the first to benefit from this offering. You can see it’s impact first had and help us shape the solution. If interested, please complete the form below. Please note spots are limited.

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2021 Report

State of Teams

In the past year, thousands of leaders have used the Valence Team Platform to build stronger and better teams.

We're combining the trends and patterns from this rich collection of data with interviews with a dozen experts, and announcing our 2021 State of Teams assessment.

To be released on January 20th.

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What the data says

With thousands of teams using the Valence Team Platform, we have a rich range of data. You'll get insights on:

Who you will hear from

We're interviewing a dozen plus leaders, academics and practitioners to learn what they are seeing and share their insights with you, including:

Bill McNabb

Former Chairman and CEO, Vanguard Mutual

Angela Ruggiero

Gold Medalist and 4-time Olympian

Jennifer Berger

CEO Cultivating Leadership,
Best-Selling Author

Heidi Brooks

Organizational Behavior,
Yale University

Jenny Dearborn

Former CHRO,

Diane Gherson

Former CHRO,

David Landman

Global Head of Talent,
Goldman Sachs

Themes to be found in the Report

The Manager's Diversity Tightrope

Diversity is long overdue. But at the team level, it can be a tall order for a leader to manage, juggling other priorities as well. We explore insights and tips on what to do.

Team Member Onboarding

70% of teams have had 3 or more new team members in past 6 months, and onboarding them well is the largest predictor of their success. We share what's worked best.

The Great Shift in Power

Team dynamics are partly based on who has power. In a world where employees have more choice than ever, team dynamics are in flux. Where might they land?

Helpful Hybrid Habits

Leading a hybrid team might be the hardest challenge of all - but it will help leaders build crucial leadership muscles that will serve them well for years to come.

The Great

The Great Resignation actually starts with the Reevaluation, as employees Reassess and Reorient their priorities. We share how teams dynamics play a large role in this.

Team Investment Playbook

How talent leaders are investing in teams, gaining visibility, and driving team growth in the face of uncertainty and change. Which tools do managers value, and which feel like a burden.

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